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And now we wait for the contributors to finish up.

:spotlight-left:Round by Round: :spotlight-right:

Skullgirls Boxing


“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s… SHOWTIME!

Whether you love beautiful pugilists in pitched combat, the “Dark-deco” flair of Skullgirls, or writing/drawing for the fun of it (which you should), The Inaugural Boxing Beauties Unlimited Round by Round Community Collaboration is calling on you!  Both writers and visual artists will work together to write and depict a story of fandom-tastic proportions spanning multiple dA accounts chronicling the tantalizing clash between two dynamic fighting game femmes.

:bulletgreen:”Craziness!  But go on…”:bulletgreen:

For those of you unaware, Skullgirls is an indie fighting game with tight controls, breathtaking animation, generous cheesecake and bewitching female characters that *gasp* grow over the course of their individual quests to retrieve the insidious and odyle Skull Heart!

Here you can learn a bit more about our two contenders and the world of Skullgirls.

The stage?  The boxing ring, of course!  This is a boxing group, (r)after (w)all.  Each writer will work on a single round of the fight and post that finished work on their site with a link to the next round.  Artists will be free to riff on whatever they see in word or in their minds' eyes.  Through this collusion, we will end up with a complete match by the end.  The number of rounds is determined by the number of writers willing to participate.  As such, we - and our two lovely boxers - could be in for a long fight.  

For the contenders, let’s go to our eclectic announcer, Mr. Jonathan Wilberforce-Dangerous…


“Ladies and Gentlemen!  Gills and Goons!  Elegants and Egrets!  Welcome to a very auspicious edition of Medici Melee Boxing.  Tonight, our tussling temptresses are certain to delight in a winner-takes-all knockout fight.

“I know you’re all eager to get an eyeful of what these two pound-for-prurient-pound pugilists are packing, so with little more adieu, I introduce to you, in the ravenous red corner, topping the middleweight division at an even one sixty pounds, the sinful shinobi surgeon with a rack so ravishing it’s torture, set your pacemakers to stunning, turn and cough and lose your mind for ’Bllllllloodyyyyyyyyy’ Valentiiiiiiiiiiiiine!!”

“Aaaaaaaaand in the blue-blood corner, weighing in at one hundred fifty-six leggy pounds, wham bam thank you ma’am may I have another, commander in chic, her Highness the powerful, punishing, puissant, punching powerhouse Princeeeeeeeeess Paaaraaaasouuuuuuuuuul!!”


:bulletgreen:”So then, how do I participate in this combative cavalcade?”:bulletgreen:

:work:If you are a writer…

Your final product will be a written work detailing the events of a single round.  Around seven hundred and fifty (750) words or three (3) pages should be plenty, but the length is up to you.  When writing your round, since you will most likely be preceded by another writer, for the sake of continuity you may note the writers before you and get a feel for how their rounds unfold to keep the individual rounds of the fight more or less contiguous.  We urge all of you to collaborate with your fellow writers.  That’s kinda part of the point.

:iconsluggerx: has penned the prologue to this pugilistic encounter.  Refer to the link below to read how this bout came about.

After your round has been assigned, research your subjects (Valentine and Parasoul of Skullgirls) to establish personality, diction and how you’d like to portray the action. Note, reading the prologue should give you a good idea of how to go about characterizing.  For consistency’s sake, established style for each boxer based on in-game fighting style might be helpful to observe.

Parasoul is an outright out-fighter.  In-game she uses ranged attacks and her minions to stagger her opponents, but her close-range attacks have a bit of fire in them as well.  With the training a royal pedigree can garner and legs like that, I have no doubt that she’d have the skill and power to deliver a keen knockout punch given the right opportunity.

Valentine is hard to gauge as a boxer based on her in-game fighting style.  She has a couple effective ranged moves, and some powerful one-offs, but overall she does her best damage when locking her opponents in a combo system.  As such, swarmer is probably the best style to attribute to her.  At range she is evasive and up close she’s a gorgeous storm that could easily leave her opponent in terminal condition.

One interesting point to note is that Valentine is actually two inches taller than Parasoul, but both are within a few pounds of each other, resting on both ends of the middleweight division.

:painter:If you are a visual artist…

In this role you have a larger degree of freedom.  You can draw whatever shot you like of Valentine and Parasoul duking it out in the boxing ring.  However, we encourage you to choose a particular round that you would like draw for and interact with the writer in that specific round.  Community building, people!

You can refer to the faceoff picture (by anbx) above and or the wiki for design references.

:bulletgreen:”Omoshiroi! Where do I sign up?”:bulletgreen:

Send a note to SluggerX. He will put you on the list of participants below and guide you through the process.  If you have a specific round you’d like to work on, make a mention in your message.  We'll try to fit you where you want to be.

During this month, the artists and writers will be working.  Postings below...


:iconanbx: --> [Skullgirls] Parasoul vs Valentine by anbx

:iconkirayamato74: -->Skullgirls Collaboration: Valentine vs Parasoul! by KiraYamato74

:iconnettopainter: :icondarkhalo791: :iconmr-mp: :icondeadpoolthesecond:  


Prologue by :iconsluggerx:

Round 1 by :iconevbrock:

Round 3 by :iconbustermachinearts: with art by :iconrensen46:

[SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 1 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 2 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 3 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 4 by rensen46
[SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 5 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 6 by rensen46[SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 7 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 8 by rensen46
[SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 9 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 10 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 11 by rensen46 [SHLF Collab] Round 3 Valentine Barrage 12 by rensen46

Round 4 (in progress) by :iconfxboxing-fan:

Round 5 (in progress) by :iconmephilesthedarkx:
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